Mould & Tooling

According to production requirements, can be divided into five type mold:

  • Class 1: SPI Class 101 Mold
    Extremely high volume production injection molds built for lifetime cycles from 500,000 to One Million or more.
  •  Class 2: SPI Class 102 Mold
    Medium to high volume production injection molds built for lifetime cycles from 100,000 to 500,000.
  • Class 3: SPI Class 103 Mold
    Medium volume production injection molds built for lifetime cycles from 50,000 to 100,000.
  •  Class 4: SPI Class 104 Mold
    Low volume production injection molds built for lifetime cycles from 1,000 to 50,000.
  •  Class 5: SPI Class 105 Mold – Prototype Mold
    Prototype only molds are built for lifetime cycles not to exceed 1,000.
auto mould

EVE MOULD has rich experience in manufacturing auto parts mould, we can offer tools from small precise parts to big complex automotive parts. such as Auto Bumper, Auto Dashboard, Auto Door Plate, Auto Grill, Auto Control Pillar,Auto Air Outlet, auto lamp Auto ABCD Column, Auto Fender,auto interiors & exterior parts, engine system ,cooling system components and high precision parts, etc. In the past years, We have all kinds of auto parts customers. Read more

bi colour mould

With the development of plastic industry, more and more plastic parts adopt two kinds of material for production. At present, there are two design methods for such kind of mold. The first one is two shot mould, also called as double injection mold. That’s to say, in the same mold, there are two nozzles, one is for injection the relatively hard material and the other is for injection the soft material. This injection technology is also named as two shot molding. Read more

medical mold

EVE MOULD has widely served in the field of home appliance for plastic injection mold, and we have built a lot of plastic injection molds for printer, computer, TV, refrigerator, washing machine ,-etc, EVE has rich experience in building plastic mold for telecommunication as well.
EVE also built high precision injection molds, With accurancy of±0.005mm, Such as high precision assembled components and gears,-etc. we inspect every machining process and result to guarantee the accurancy of all the part size. Read more

Thin-wall mold manufacturing need very high precision equipment.we must guarantee the concentricity for the cavity and core. If the mold is a multi-cavity mould, the requirement will be even higher.EVE has extensive experiences in the design and manufacture of thin-wall molds,In order to better guarantee the quality of box mold and medical mold .EVE has introduced the imported CNC and EDM facilities. At present, the thin-wall mold made by EVE is mainly used for manufacturing industry and medical industry,such as cover mold .And considering that the wall is rather thin, most thin-wall mold will adopt hot runner system, which will be better for molding. Read more

progressive dies

With existing abundant technologies and Facilities,while still actively absorbing the quintessence of international experiences,EVE now has a professional team for metal die development and manufacture,With the setting up of CNC machining center, wire cutting machine, and Grinder etc,we now has full set of machines for mass and variois metal die manufacture.we have a lot of experience in progressive die, drawing die, single die, auto transfer die and iron casting die manufacture. Especially in 200T—800T metal moulds,we have unique advantages.The company is gradually expanding to the development of lasrge metal die wiht the uocoming 1200T press machine .Our moulds have been exporting to Japan,Europe and the United States.We have rich experiences and matured technoligy for automotive,OA,household appliance and precision metal die.our efforts in those areas have been well recognized. Read more

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