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EVE MOULD has rich experience in manufacturing auto parts mould, we can offer tools from small precise parts to big complex automotive parts. such as Auto Bumper, Auto Dashboard, Auto Door Plate, Auto Grill, Auto Control Pillar,Auto Air Outlet, auto lamp Auto ABCD Column, Auto Fender,auto interiors & exterior parts, engine system ,cooling system components and high precision parts, etc. In the past years, We have all kinds of auto parts customers.

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  • Moldmaker: EVE MOULD
  • Product description: Auto parts
  • Cavity / Core Steel:S136(HRC 48-52),NAK80
  • Cavity No: 1*1
  • Surface treatment: Polish
  • Product color:Black
  • Mold Base:LKM,S50C or A & B Plate p20
  • Raw Material: PP TD20
  • Mold Life: 300,000 to 500,000 shots
  • Gate Type: Hot runner turn into cold runner(Yudo)
  • Ejection system: Ejector pins
  • Standard: Hasco,LKM
  • Cycle time: 42sec.
  • Mold building lead time: 4~5 weeks after design approval;
  • Main machining equipment: CNC, EDM, Wire EDM, Grinder, Lathe, etc.
auto mould
auto mould

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