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Thin-wall mold manufacturing need very high precision equipment.we must guarantee the concentricity for the cavity and core. If the mold is a multi-cavity mould, the requirement will be even higher.EVE has extensive experiences in the design and manufacture of thin-wall molds,In order to better guarantee the quality of box mold and medical mold .EVE has introduced the imported CNC and EDM facilities. At present, the thin-wall mold made by EVE is mainly used for manufacturing industry and medical industry,such as cover mold .And considering that the wall is rather thin, most thin-wall mold will adopt hot runner system, which will be better for molding.

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  • Moldmaker: EVE MOULD
  • Product description:  Medical parts
  • Cavity / Core Steel:S136(HRC 48-52),1.2344 (HRC 48-52)
  • Cavity No: 1*32
  • Surface treatment: Mirror Polish
  • Product color:White
  • Mold Base:LKM,S50C or A & B Plate p20
  • Raw Material: PP RF830MO
  • Mold Life: 300,000 to 500,000 shots
  • Gate Type: Hot runner turn
  • Ejection system: Ejector pins
  • Standard: DME,LKM
  • Cycle time: 42sec.
  • Mold building lead time: 4~5 weeks after design approval;
  • Main machining equipment: CNC, EDM, Wire EDM, Grinder, Lathe, etc.
medical mold
medical mold
medical mold
medical mold

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