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With existing abundant technologies and Facilities,while still actively absorbing the quintessence of international experiences,EVE now has a professional team for metal die development and manufacture,With the setting up of CNC machining center, wire cutting machine, and Grinder etc,we now has full set of machines for mass and variois metal die manufacture.we have a lot of experience in progressive die, drawing die, single die, auto transfer die and iron casting die manufacture. Especially in 200T—800T metal moulds,we have unique advantages.The company is gradually expanding to the development of lasrge metal die wiht the uocoming 1200T press machine .Our moulds have been exporting to Japan,Europe and the United States.We have rich experiences and matured technoligy for automotive,OA,household appliance and precision metal die.our efforts in those areas have been well recognized.

stampling mould
stampling mould

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